Personal Trainers


Vincent Fu Head Coach | Physiotherapist

Qualified in Personal Training Cert III & IV in fitness, Master Trainer Level 1, Bachelors of Physiotherapy (ACU)

Specialise in Improving posture & mobility, Sports specific training, Increasing strength & power, Acute & chronic injury rehabilitation and  Preventative rehabilitation. 

Instgram: 3rphysio

Contact: 0431062476


Renee Culbert Head Coach | Exercise Physiologist 

Qualified in Personal Training Cert III & IV, Certified Intro - Advanced - Masterclass Dry Needling, Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology University of Sydney)

Specialise in Chronic musculoskeletal pain and injury rehabilitation, Dry Needling, Pole & dance specific prehab/rehab, Body composition. 

Instagram: Velvetsteel_fitness

Contact: 0416171307


Hayden Laws Personal Trainer | Sports Exercise Scientist  

Qualified in Personal Training Cert III & IV, Bachelors of Exercise & Sports Science 

Specialise in Sports specific strength & conditioning, Strength Training, Movement & Technique development, Body Composition Hypertrophy 

Instagram: Haydenlaws_fitness

Contact: 0423225893


Ammi Baldacci Personal Trainer | Clinical Nutritionist 

Qualified in Personal Training Cert III & IV, Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional Medicine 

Specialise in Clinical Nutrition & dietary analysis, Sports & Physical training nutrition preparation, Increase lean muscle mass through diet programs. 

 Instagram: thenutritionalpt

Contact: 0402586149


William Wong Personal Trainer 

Qualified in Personal Training Cert III & IV, Master trainer level 1 

Specialise in Functional Training, Posture & mobility, Body transformation & Fat loss, Sports specific training 

 Instagram: Weillim_

Contact: 0435270518


 Sunkwang Kim  퍼스널 트레이너

Im Qualified in 대한퍼스널 협회 트레이너 3급, 생황체욱지도자 (야구), ICN Physique Pro, 2018 WBFF Fitness model (placed 1st), 2019 ICN Physique (placed1st), 

I Specialise in 다이어트, 체형교정, 보디빌딩 대회 서포트, 재활운동

Instgram: Sunkwang

Contact: 0414678208